With season 9 around the corner, PUBG corporation teased a new map called Paramo. PUBG Corp. Claims that there are gonna be huge changes in the new season, especially because of the new map which they refer to being ‘dynamic.’ This means that the map will change from game to game which makes it all the more exciting and is something new to the world of BR games. 

In a tweet which teased the release of this new map, Paramo looks really intriguing with PUB Corporation saying, “Paramo’s dynamic landscape will keep you guessing each drop!”

The features which will make the map dynamic are the volcanoes and the helicopter which may be controllable by the players. In the teaser, volcanic ash can be seen falling from the sky and sunshine is visible on some areas to the dismay of geographists. 

There are buildings which can be seen changing along with the landscape which is sure to make the map more interesting. This also makes us guess whether the loot is also going to be dynamic and just how far PUBG Corporation is willing to take the integration to. 

Season 8 is in its last leg and we can expect Season 9 to roll out soon. Season 8 ends on October 21 on PC and October 28 on consoles. Season 9 will also bring the solo ranked mode. 

Since PUBG Mobile is banned in India, we’ll have to wait to see whether the update will come to mobile in other countries or not. 

COD Mobile Season 11 Patch Notes

Since its release COD Mobile has been delivering good updates and fun events season after season, there have been te seasons already but it doesn’t seem that the upward trajectory for the game is going to stop. Season 11 is coming and it promises to be better than ever.

The patch notes are as follows:- 


  • Anniversary Event & Halloween Event
  • New challenges and missions with new rewards
  • New Perk: Tactician
  • New base gun: NA45


  • Purifier – Similar to the M2 Flamethrower, this weapon shoots a continuous stream of fire. The difference is that the enemy will burn and die regardless of the number of shots that make contact with the enemy. 

MOD: –

  • Sleuth – Upon successfully damaging an enemy, their location is revealed on the map every 5 seconds.


  • Ballistic Expert – New kind of ammo for special weapons including War Machine, Tempest, and the Purifier. 


  •  Weapon camos – Players can use epic or legendary skins to further customize the look of their weapons.
  • Automatic obstacle avoidance feature – toggle.
  • You can now set the default looting number of armor plates by going to settings.
  • You can switch to your primary weapon automatically after using lethal or tactical equipment. 


  • New Game Mode – Cranked
  • Available on Crash, Standoff, Crossfire, Cage, Rust, Shipment
  • Pumpkin
  • Limited time mode during Halloween
  • New Map – King
  • Standoff – Halloween makes a return. 


  • Akimbo(dual wield) perk for Fennec and MW11
  • New attachment for AK-47 – caliber ammo
  • New attachment for HKV30 – high caliber ammo


  • 10 v 10 TDM, 10v10 DOM Kill confirmed and CTF will be available on more maps.
  • Attack of the Undead: Increase the main weapon damage and HP limit of survivors after certain kills.
  • New Marker Setting.

Clash Royale: Tips and Tricks

In the mobile wargaming realm, Clash Royale is the best game available for all of you to play. It’s highly competitive and strategic which makes it a highly nuanced game. If you’ve been trying your hand at this game but are having no luck, hang on because we’ll go through some tips and tricks to help you get those wins.

Have a balanced deck: The number one thing you need to keep in mind when you play is that you should have a balanced deck. Keep melee combatants as well as archers in your deck. Have a balance of units too.

Tower Attacking Units: There are particular units designed to attack towers. One of the best ones is hog rider so be sure to be using him frequently. They are also focused which makes them immune to distraction if your opponent places a unit nearby on the battlefield. 

Pair Units: Solo units are likely to get destroyed easily so be mindful of these and try to send out units in pairs. There are some combinations which are really effective, experiment and find out which ones are the best. You can add a giant in front of a balloon for protection and so forth. 

Spells: Spells can help you gain advantage over your enemies and should be used when required. Some good spells include Freeze which stops enemy troops in their position for a few seconds, allowing you to gain an advantage or maybe take down an entire tower using Hog Rider. Zap is also an amazing spell which deals an extensive amount of damage. 

Use Swarms: When facing big foes, the most effective way to take them out is to use swarms. Powered up goblins are also helpful as are skeletons. Minions inflict a lot of damage when in huge numbers but swarms are susceptible to fire arrows so keep this in mind.

HyperX Cloud Alpha S Blackout Review – for the minimalist gamer

It seems that HyperX is on a roll when it comes to India and has been releasing a lot of their iconic headsets for the Indian market. Earlier we had done a comprehensive review of the HyperX Cloud Stinger Core Wireless headset which is available to read here. 

This time HyperX has come out with their new minimalist headset called the HyperX CLoud Alpha S Blackout Edition. Usually a different colour scheme isn’t much to write home about but there is certainly a dearth of such headsets in the market which makes it all the more important. 

Exterior and Comfort

The latest variant in the Cloud S Alpha gaming headsets range sports a pure black exterior which also includes the HyperX logo at the side of the earcups along with branding on the textured headband. The logo is not too noticeable in most lighting conditions which adds to its minimalist appeal. 

The deep black colour extends to the braided cable, cushioned ear cuffs, and the side bars. 

The headset has been made keeping in mind the needs of gamers which means that playing for long hours is a breeze, thanks to the ergonomic design coupled with soft ear cuffs. 

The ear cuffs are swappable – there is one made with soft leather that isolates noise really effectively and one made of fabric which doesn’t do a good job when compared to the former. It’s all personal preference when it comes to this though the leather ear cuffs tend to be a tad bit more comfortable.

Connectivity and Features

The headset has definitely designed keeping in view the needs of the PC gamer as it connects using a USB cable. The trademark feature laden inline controls are present here too, with a 7.1 Surround option button, volume controls, mute and unmute mic as well as an option to change the balance between voice chat and video game sound. 

The inline controls attach to the headset using a 3.5 MM jack which means that if you ditch the inline controls you can connect your headset to your PS4 controller or phone. 


As is expected with HyperX headsets, the audio quality is quite impressive and the virtual 7.1 surround sound works like a charm. The ear cuffs or the type of media you consume doesn’t make a difference at all. In fact music and video games sound especially punchier and rich using this headset.

HyperX has focused more on clarity instead of bass which makes the sound very clear and each footstep and gunshot can be clearly heard. Horror games are going to be one hell of a ride with this one.

The 7.1 Virtual Surround sound is also extremely effective and each minute detail is clearly audible.


The HyperX Cloud Alpha S is a great mid range headset and there are no compromises made- in the sound as well as the comfort department.

Best Snipers in Free Fire

A good sniper can turn around the fortunes of a team in Battle Royale games. When used effectively snipers can take out people in one shot and give you instant advantage in a firefight and this is why in today’s article we’ll be covering the best snipers to use in Garena Free Fire:-

  1. Dragunov: One of the best automatic sniper rifles in the game, the Dragunov or SVD deals a devastating amount of damage. This kind of power makes it a rare find as it is only found in air drops and is not part of the ground loot. A decent fire rate makes it one of the faster snipers in game. 
  1. SKS: Like a sibling to SVD, the SKS works pretty much the same way except for the fact that it is much easier to come by. It takes 3 body shots to down an enemy using the SKS provided that an opponent is wearing a level 2 vest. 
  1. KAR98K: This balanced rifle makes for a good gun to improve your aim as well as get some easy kills in the process. Unlike PUBG the Kar98K in Garena Free Fire is pretty balanced and deadly. 
  1. M82B: One of the most versatile guns around, the M82B is the newest gun to be added into the arsenal of Free Fire. It deals additional damage to vehicles and Gloo walls which makes this a go to option for many snipers in the game. This is not all, the gun also has extra armour piercing which makes it effective against armoured players. 
  1. AWM: The king of all snipers, the AWM is, without a doubt, the best sniper in the game. With its great accuracy over very long distances, the AWM can win you games without even having to get close to an enemy. What makes this gun amazing is its headshot damage. No matter which helmet your enemies are wearing, a shot to the head with this beast is always a one hit kill.

Free Fire: Flaming Fist Event

All of us can take out enemies using a gun in Free Fire but there’s a different kind of thrill which comes from taking out an enemy using a melee weapon. It takes some skill(and good luck) to do so efficiently while simultaneously dodging enemy bullets.

Garena Free Fire already contains a variety of melee weapons to take your enemies out in style: including katanas and a pan. But with the latest event coming in October, players will be able to take out enemies in style using their fists. The Flaming Fist is the first melee skin to make its way into the massively popular mobile battle royale game: Free Fire.

The trailer for the same is embedded below:-

Ever since the announcement, players have been itching to know what the skin will cost, does it have any bonuses and how can one obtain the skin. At the time of writing this article there aren’t many details available.

The skin was made available on the Indonesian servers earlier last month. A spin event will determine whether you get the skin or not, along with this, players will also get a chance to win a 9999 diamond jackpot in the same event. 

As always spinning the wheel will cost diamonds. A single spin costs 20 diamonds whereas a 10 spin combo can be obtained for 180 diamonds. A spin which has double the chance of dropping a jackpot can be obtained for 30 diamonds.


All of us have heard of Tanmay “Scout” Singh, one of the biggest names in the Indian eSports scene. This is largely due to his impressive run as a pro player of PUBG Mobile as well as a member of Fnatic India. Scout gained an immense following on YouTube due to his skills and a loud persona.

But unfortunately, fame comes at  price and for Scout it was being targeted by hackers who managed to get into his YouTube account. This made SCout take to Twitter to voice his concern and ask YouTube for help as he was unable to recover his account using any other means.

According to Urvesh, Scout’s YT editor, the hackers managed to change the recovery email address as well which made it impossible to recover the account. None of the hackers have made any changes or harmed the YT account in any way and it is highly unlikely that they’ll be able to do anything because YouTube is working on the recovery process. 

This drives home the fact that one should always enable two factor authentication to keep your account as safe as possible.

How to use shotguns effectively in Free Fire

When in short range use the 12 gauge is a saying that I just made up but it doesn’t make it any less important. This is because shotguns are the most effective weapons when it comes to close quarters or indoor fights in Garena Free Fire. One or two rounds of a shotgun shell are enough to take out even the most heavily armoured players. But these weapons are high risk high reward weapons because if you miss even one or two shots it’s quite likely that the enemy will kill you. 

In this guide I’ll walk you through on how to use shotguns effectively in Free Fire:

Sensitivity: This is personal preference but you may wanna have a sensitivity which feels the most precise for you and not the one which lets you just flick faster at the cost of being inaccurate. The shotgun is afterall a weapon which requires you to hit your shots. If you have a very high sensitivity, you can try lowering it to check whether it helps you in being more accurate.

Level your sight: In order to deliver maximum damage you need to headshot your opponent. Thankfully, with the shotguns it is easier to do it due to close range. Keep your sight leveled on the chest while but as soon as you’re about to shoot, flick it up and it’ll be an easy headshot.

Quick weapon switch: Always remember to switch on quick weapon switch in Settings>Control as this will allow you to switch over to your other weapon in case you run out of bullets or the shotgun becomes infeasible due to range. Switching to another weapon is much quicker than reloading your current one. 

Smart Reload: Try to keep your weapons reloaded beforehand just in case you need to make a switch. Also you can reload a single bullet and then shoot as shotguns provide this capability so be sure to use that in dicey situations.

Cover: Try peeking from doors if you know an enemy is in the room and shoot a single shot and then go behind cover again. Keep doing this till you kill the enemy. It’s one of the most effective techniques used in almost every fps game to prevent you from being an easy target while also being unpredictable.

Best Assault Rifles in COD Mobile

ith the ban of PUBG Mobile, COD Mobile has seen an unprecedented rise in India and for good reason. The game has one of the best gameplay mechanics in the battle royale genre along with a lot of money being invested in development. There are regular updates along with a variety of game modes which make the experience even more interesting. 

If you have made the switch to Call of Duty Mobile or were playing it for a while, the first thing you’ll want to know is the guns that are suitable in all scenarios. There are a variety of ARs to choose from but in this article, we’ll be listing some of the best ones along with their stats.

KN44 – Considered by many as the best gun in the game, the KN44 is the most versatile AR and it is suitable for close as well as mid-range combat. Its time taken to kill(TTK) is really low and has a very balanced stat sheet:-

  • Damage: 57
  • Fire Rate: 62
  • Accuracy: 51
  • Mobility: 55
  • Range: 50

HBRa3 – Another one of the greats, this assault rifle boasts of an incredibly fast fire rate which makes it an absolute beast in close-range engagements. The only flaw is that the gun isn’t as good as you’d like it to be during mid to long-range engagements.

  • Damage: 55
  • Fire Rate: 67
  • Accuracy: 54
  • Mobility: 54
  • Range: 46

LK24 – The LK24 Assault Rifle is one of the best guns for long-range fights due to minimal recoil coupled with a high damage per shot(dps). You’ll need to be skilled at the game to use it to its full potential. 

  • Damage: 47
  • Fire Rate: 62
  • Accuracy: 68
  • Mobility: 60
  • Range: 55

COD Mobile: Best Operator Skills

In Call of Duty Mobile, players have an option to choose one operator skill to use in a multiplayer match. You unlock these skills by playing the game and leveling up. Activision themselves have described these skills just so that players can better understand what it is they are grinding for. The following are some of the best skills the game has to offer.


Unlocked at Level 3

A flamethrower that blasts a stream of scorching fire within close range. The first Operator Skill unlocked brings the heat… Literally. Upon activation, your soldier will whip out this flamethrower; hold down the fire button, and unleash a heatwave that will burn enemies to a crisp.

As detailed in the Purifier’s in-game description, the flamethrower’s main drawback is its short range. Expect to do plenty of damage up close against enemy forces, but don’t get your hopes up in attempting to burn someone sitting across the map. 


Unlocked at Level 15.

Formerly known as the “Scythe”. A hand-held minigun that slowly increases accuracy over time. This minigun fires fast and wildly at first, then continues its torrent of bullets with greater precision over time. 

Like other Operator Skills, the Scythe is best used when put up against multiple enemies. A normal weapon usually pails in comparison to this mini-gun, so going up against two, three, or a whole squad of enemies may not be an issue.


Unlocked at Level 26

A fully automatic grenade launcher with a devastating payload. Bring in the boomstick; the War Machine is a demolition expert’s dream, as it offers multiple grenade rounds in a circular drum and a fast-firing launcher to send them towards the enemy.

The War Machine’s payload travels in an arc towards targets, with direct hits being an instant kill and explosions within a few feet also typically resulting in a knockout. Firing a War Machine towards a group of enemies is a solid idea, as these explosives are deadly enough to take out a handful of enemies at once. 


Unlocked at Level 35

Hold the fire button to build up power and send a bolt of lightning at the target. Amp up your loadout with this electrifying weapon, which can shock enemies at any range with its lightning bolts.

The Tempest’s major strength is its ability to potentially turn an entire enemy team into a massive electric current. When a lightning bolt hits an enemy, any enemy within a few feet will also be downed as the current travels to other foes within close range.

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