Catherine Classic Out Now for PC; Other Atlus Games May Follow

Catherine Classic, one of Atlus’ many great titles has made its way to the PC platform on Steam after nearly 8 years of its original release.

Catherine was teased a lot on the Steam page of Shenmue 1 and 2 and it’s finally out now. The game is not a remastered version and lacks the features from the upcoming PS4 and Vita remaster of the game, Catherine Full Body. The game supports both the Xbox and Dualshock controllers, has had a bit of a graphical uplift, rebindable keys and lots of audio options.

Sadly, the game runs at 30fps and doesn’t seem to run at an unlocked framerate as advertised and doesn’t have a lot of graphical options to change. It does support widescreen resolutions and 4K which is good to see.

After the Yakuza series made its way to PC with the release of Yakuza 0 we’ve been seeing more Atlus games make their way to PCas Yakuza Kiwami is coming soon and now they’ve released Catherine Classic. We can only hope that Persona 5 R is a version of the game with added content that will make its way to PC along with an unlocked framerate, 4K and widescreen support and maybe even a bit more story related content.

“We hope to have more exciting news to share from Sega/Atlus in regards to publishing on PC in the future,” says Sega so being hopeful and expecting the Persona or Megami Tensei series to make its way to PC doesn’t seem outlandish or far fetched. Catherine is a fantastic game that players can now experience and if they decide to release the Persona or Megami Tensei series on PC, fans of the series will be extremely excited and it will also bring in a lot of new fans.

Catherine Classic is now available on Steam for $19.99 or Rs 665 and is a great puzzle game that has a gripping story accompanied with a stellar soundtrack which will leave you wanting for more.

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