Clash Royale Guide To Draft Challenge

Clash Royale has some fun Challenge modes to keep the players engaged, and one of them is the Draft Challenge. It’s a bit tricky, especially for new players, and getting used to it might take some time. That’s why we’ve prepared a helpful guide to make sure you have a good time in the game. But before we begin, let’s see what the game mode is all about.

What is Draft Challenge?

  • Draft Challenge is a cool mode in Clash Royale where you and your opponent “draft” cards to make your decks from a given choice.
  • Both players start with a choice between two cards where you pick one for yourself and the other is given to the opponent. The process continues until both players have their decks completely built.
  • The cards in the pool are completely random, so beware, you may have to pick cards you don’t like or ones with which you’ve never played before.

Before you start your first draft, you should know one thing: There is no single right way to have a winning draft. It’s all about making choices based on what kind of deck you can create. With that in mind, here are a few tips that should be helpful for you.

Counter Specific Cards

  • There are some cards Clash Royale that can only be countered with specific units. In case your opponent doesn’t have them, they’ll be sure to have a tough time against your deck. Some of these cards are the Ram Rider, Princess, Witch, Balloon, Graveyard, Barrel and Sparky.
  • Another thing you should keep in mind is that whenever you have a choice between picking a certain card and its counter, always pick the counter. That will make sure you have an upper hand in battle. For instance, if the choice for your next card is between Minion Horde and Arrows, you’ll be wise to pick Arrows.

Keep an Eye on the Cards You Don’t Pick

  • Since the card you don’t pick will automatically go to your opponent, be mindful of what you’re giving away. Because in a way, you’re not only building a deck for yourself, but for your opponent as well. And you don’t want them to end up with a better deck than you. This is where the tip to pick counters also helps. If you have an option to pick between a card and its counter, once you pick the counter, the other card will go to the opponent and you’ll automatically have an advantage.

Pick Cards That You Think Will Work Well In General

  • There can a some cards in the pool that will more or less be universally favourable to your deck, no matter what kind of game it ends up being. So if you’re confused between what to choose, go for cards that you think will be helpful regardless of the situation.

Always Have At Least One Spell Card

  • Sometimes you might run into a situation where neither you nor your opponent has good pushing cards in their deck. To make sure that you have something to work for you, it’s good to have some kind of spell that can directly damage the enemy towers or bring their push to a halt. Either way, it’ll make sure you don’t go down easy, even if the game stretches on.

Try To Keep Your Deck Balanced

  • When you start drafting, it’s possible to be tempted to pick cards that you like or ones with which you’re used to playing. That’s a huge mistake because there’s no telling what the picks are going to be right off the bat. That’s why, instead of focusing on a specific kind of build, you should try to keep your deck as balanced as possible.
  • Try to keep the Elixir cost at a manageable level, trying to have a good balance between offensive and defensive cards.

Don’t Take A Loss Too Hard

Draft Challenge is as much about luck as it is about making good decisions. And sometimes, you might have a situation where the pool of cards you get is so bad that no matter what kind of cards you pick, you end up with a losing deck. And this can happen to the best of players, so if you end up losing, learn from your mistakes and try to do better in the next game.

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