COD Mobile: How To Use Private Lobby

With PUBG Mobile banned, players are now looking towards alternative games such as COD Mobile to fill up that void left by the game. Due to this many beginners may not know about all the features the game has to offer. One such feature is the private lobby feature where you and your friends can play together without restrictions.

The private room feature allows players to create their own lobby where they can add their friends and even host some tournaments. These private rooms allow players to set some rules for their lobby such as map selection, game modes, weapons, squad mode, and many other interesting things.

Unfortunately only 10 people can be added in a single instance. Others can also be added as spectators to watch the match.

How To Create Private Room

Step 1: Click on the multiplayer mode icon on the main menu screen

Step 2: Open the drop down menu ‘≡’ in the top right corner and select private

Step 3: A private room will be created so invite your friends to join by pressing ‘+’ icon on the friends list

Step 4: Select your preferred game mode from the bottom right menu just above start

Step 5: From here you can also select your preferred map

Step 6: After finalizing all setting press start to jump into the match

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