COD Mobile Season 11 Anniversary Update: What To Expect?

Call of Duty Mobile next update is just around and you can expect this one to be quite special. This Season 11 update also marks the game’s 1-year anniversary in October so expect some surprises in the coming month.

As for the release date, COD Mobile Season 11 arrives on the 15th of October, this is when the Battle Pass for Season 10 ends.


A new Battle Royale class ‘Hacker’ will also be coming with COD Mobile Season 11.


There’s a chance that the developers also might release the new perk called Overkill. The perk allows players to equip two unique primary weapons at once in place of a secondary weapon.

There’s also the new operator skill ‘Tracker’ that has been spotted in the app’s Google Play Store screenshots.


Data-miners have also found game files involving Richtofen, one of the four main characters in COD: Mobile Zombies. This along with the rumored return of Rebirth Island which was a zombies map from the original Call of Duty Black Ops has led many to believe in a return of the beloved zombie game mode.

This would be the perfect time to release the game mode once more considering this update would feature both the 1-year anniversary content as well as the Halloween content.


With each new update, the game adds more weapons to its already massive roster. However, this time it is not just one or two guns that are being added to the game but a whole bunch of them, according to the developer. The following are some of the weapons that were found in the game files and might make their way into the Season 11 update.

  • Fist melee
  • 48-Dredge LMG
  • M249 SAW 
  • NA-45
  • GPAS-12
  • MP7
  • H28
  • KRM-262
  • G36

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