Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Free Edition Out Now!

Counter-Strike is one of the rare competitive First-Person Shooters that has stood the test of time. From Counter-Strike 1.6 to Source and now Global Offensive, the eSports scene for it has been on the rise and with brand new updates coming in and with one of the biggest CSGO tournaments starting soon, Valve decided to capitalize on it.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Free Edition is a free variant of the ever-popular CSGO that allows players to experience just a little bit of what the game has to offer by giving them a taste with Offline Bots and GOTV. In this edition, players can play the game in what is basically a completely offline mode. They can play the various maps and game modes but only with bots and cannot play online.

Players also get access to GOTV which is the broadcasting system which allows players to view live matches that are occurring. This is a way of getting players to watch the game and also a way of them to understand the fundamentals by watching others play. This also acts as a way for players to watch the upcoming FaceIt Major tournament that is going to begin from 5th September with the qualifiers and with the main event starting on 20th September. This is a good move that will help people who are on the fence about the game to see what the game is all about before they actually purchase the title. In a way, it’s basically a demo version of the game.

To download the free version you will need to have a Steam account. After you make an account or if you already have one head on over here and choose to install the free edition. It is that simple. You may now enjoy Counter-Strike: Global Offensive without being afraid of getting trolled.

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