Cyberpunk 2077: E3 Gameplay Footage to Release During PAX West

Cyberpunk 2077’s E3 2019 Extended Gameplay Demo that was shown behind closed doors to journalists and media will release for everyone to watch during PAX West which starts on August 30th.

Twitter user shinobi602 tweeted out that Cyberpunk 2077’s extended gameplay demo won’t be made public until after Gamescom 2019 which runs from 20th-24th August.

To that, CDPR Community Lead Marcin Momot replied that it will happen exactly during PAX West which runs from 30th August till 2nd September.

This is similar to last year when CD Projekt Red released the first ever gameplay video of Cyberpunk 2077 to the masses on August 28th which was also around the time PAX West 2018 took place (August 31st).

This means that we will have to wait about 2 months and a half to get a taste of Cyberpunk 2077’s world and gameplay and we just can’t wait for it.

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