Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Reveal: As Amazing As We Thought

After a lot of cryptic messages and after a lot of waiting, we finally, finally have gameplay of Cyberpunk 2077! And oh boy, they’ve shown us so much in this 48-minute gameplay demo yet it barely scratches the surface of what this game has to offer.

We start off with the character creation of our character V where we can choose our gender, our backstory, our heroes(this was a cool inclusion) and our reason for being in Night City. From there we move onto the character customization screen where we can edit the character to our liking. After that, we have the RPG stat distribution screen and then came the gameplay. It started off in an elevator as we entered a run down building that seemed to be falling apart. Here we find a dead body and have to fight off a bunch of scavengers and give our target to the medics. The scene then cuts to our character V waking up after a 3-day party and is called to meet our companion, Jack. From there we get to see our apartment complex, the streets below and a small part of the city.

We take on a job to get a Fixer some new tech. How we approach is up to the player and we’re shown the passive way. But first, we’re shown how the upgrades work by going to a doctor who upgrades our optics and gives us a new grip that gives us weapon info and increases weapon damage. We then get to our car which looks amazing and we get to see how the driving works along with random events were scavengers will try to attack us. After we meet and cut a deal with a Private Military outfit, V goes to buy the tech and after a standoff is sold the tech but the credit chip that she was given by the Private Military lady had a virus due to which they get hacked and we have to fight our way out. This part showcases some advanced weapons and mechanics like bullet time, guns with tracking bullets, guns that shoot through rough walls, mantis arms, wall running and hacking into a person’s mind to gain info. We also see the various ways puzzles can be approached through the various skills we choose to upgrade. The Demo ends with a shot of Night City as the sun is setting and V has made into the big leagues.

They seem to be following the God Of War formula with integrated cutscenes and from what we saw, almost no loading screens. Gunplay looked enjoyable with the abundance of various types of weapons and mods to create your own arsenal of destruction, there’s something from everyone. A bit disappointed we didn’t see the EMF Katana but I guess they’re saving that for now. When we got a look at the car all I could muster up was “Oooooooohhhhhh” because these cars make the child in me so damn happy. The upgrade and modification system is quite robust from the looks of it and we only got to saw one of the classes of the few that are in the game, from what I recall. The ability to choose how to tackle a mission is something that is much needed in RPG games and this game gives you the choice, just like System Shock and Deus Ex which is something I absolutely love. However, the most impressive fact is how amazing Night City looks in the day. They’ve nailed the Cyberpunk aesthetic during the day which is something we rarely get to see. As a big fan of Cyberpunk culture, Synthwave and Outrun and, Retro things in general, I might be biased when I say that this game has got me all aboard the hype train and over time with refinements, it’s going to live up to the hype.

Cyberpunk 2077 looks like a phenomenal game and I highly recommend that you check out the full gameplay video at the highest quality possible because there’s a lot to take in. I can’t wait to see what’s next but I am placing my faith in CD Projekt Red to deliver. While we never got a release date, I’m predicting an April 2020 release (Maybe 3rd or 4th April).

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