Days Gone Vs World War Z – Which Is The Right Zombie Game For You?

There’s no lack of zombie shooters in the gaming market these days, however, it has been a while since a game came in and tried to do something different. Well, now we have two new zombie shooters releasing withing 10 days of each other, both doing different things. But they have one thing in common: Both have zombies – a LOT of zombies.

Days Gone is the next big PS4 exclusive releasing on the 26th of April. It is developed by Sony Bend Studios, and is exclusive to the PS4 and the PS4 Pro.

World War Z is coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One on the 16th of April. It is developed by Saber Interactive.

Both Days Gone and World War Z are the biggest games by their respective studios. Sony Bend was renowned for their Siphon Filter games from the PS1 era, though their last few games were middling Uncharted spin-offs on the PSP. Saber Interactive has worked on the remake of the original Halo game, and The Masterchief Collection. Their most recent release was NBA Playgrounds 2, which did not see a lot of commercial success.

So if you’re wondering which one of these zombie games you should go for, here’s a breakdown of the games, and you can decide which zombie murdering playground you want to jump into!

First up, let’s talk about World War Z:


World War Z is a co-op zombie shooter, in the vein of Left 4 Dead, where you have to go from one end of the map to the other, with various objectives along the way. You can play in a team of up to 4 players, and will go to various locations across the world to stop the zombie threat. Locations include places like New York, Tokyo, Moscow and Jerusalem.

Each of these locations have multiple missions within them that tell a story. I’m not sure as to how good the story will be, since that doesn’t seem to be the focus for this game. If you’re getting World War Z, expect a solid co-op shooter, and a whole lot of zombies.

If you’ve seen the movie that the game is based on, you already know what you’re in for. Imagine hundreds of zombies rushing at you and your team, toppling over everything in their path.


The gameplay is a mix of stealth and action – you are encouraged to remain stealthy in the early sections as you explore and uncover objectives. Once you go guns blazing, more and more zombies will start showing up, and, if you’re not careful, you could be easily overwhelmed.

The AI director (the in-game logic that defines what encounters are triggered and when) also sounds really competent. It will change up things on the fly to give you a dynamic experience. If you are able to make progress too easily, more enemies will be spawned, and you will be required to adapt. However, if you’re low on health and resources, the game might throw you a helping hand and spawn turrets or mortars that you can use.

Exploration is also key to survival, since some of the best weapons and loot is the game is hidden off to the side.

Zombie Horde

There’s also a good variety to the zombies themselves – some with explode into a cloud of toxic gas, leaving you gasping for breath, while other bigger zombies could rush at you and take you down in one hit. Screamers will call in more zombies, making the fight ever tougher. There are other types of zombies just waiting around the corner, so come prepared, or be prepared for a nasty surprise.

There a ton of content here to keep you and your friends hooked for months, and with the right support from the developers, World War Z could be the next Left 4 Dead.

Strong Co-op Elements
Tons Of Zombies
Varied Locations
Weapons & Customization

No Single Player
No Story Focus
Graphics Look Average

Now, let’s talk about Days Gone:


Days Gone is Sony’s next big PS4 exclusive, and while I wasn’t too sure about from the early trailers, I have slowly come around on the game. Firstly, Days Gone is a single player game, and there’s no co-op or multiplayer here. However, there’s a much bigger focus on the story here, in comparison to World War Z. And if you’re someone who prefers single player story driven games, then Days Gone is for you.


You play as Deacon, a biker trying to survive after a terrible incident brought down society and turned a majority of the population into zombies. Deacon also has a tragic backstory involving his wife. Not much has been revealed about her yet, though we’re sure that it’ll be a part of the game’s story.

The single player story is said to be over 30 hours in length, with over 6 hours of cut-scenes fleshing out the story. That’s a LOT of cut-scenes. In comparison, Metal Gear Solid 4 has around 8 hours of cut-scenes, and some of them were over 90 minutes long.

This focus on story also means that you’ll have multiple story threads available to you at any given time, and you can choose to pick one up and follow that through, or keep jumping between story threads at any given time. Everything they have shown so far of the story looks really promising, and we’re hoping that it truly delivers.

The Zombies

Being a zombie game, similar to World War Z, there’s again a big focus on the number of zombies you’ll be fighting at any given time. While you might come across smaller groups of zombies, the main thing that the developers have been showing off from the early reveal trailers are the massive hordes with hundreds of zombies. A horde with around 300 zombies has been called a small horde by the developer, so maybe we’ll see large hordes of maybe 500-1000 zombies. And since this is a single player game, you will not have team mates by your side to cover you back. You’ll have to be constantly on alert, and every battle will have to be approached strategically.

The zombies themselves are a bit different – they’re called freakers and have their own daily pattern. They eat, sleep and drink, and behave differently during the day and night. Once again, there are a variety of these freakers – Swarmers will attack you in groups. Screamers will, uh, scream, and call in more freakers. The newts are smaller freakers, possibly children who mostly stay away, but might attack you when you turn your back on them. Breakers are bigger freakers who deal heavy damage, and are tough to take down.

Then there are these infected animals, including wolves, bears, and even crows. From what has been shown in trailers, they look even more deadly than regular freakers, especially the wolves who can chase you down even when you’re riding you bike.

The Drifter’s Bike & Open World

Unlike World War Z, Days Gone is an open world game, and your main mode of transport is your drifter bike. You’ll be relying on this heavily since getting around on foot can be extremely dangerous. There are way more zombies that you’ll be able to take on, and more often than not, flight will be better than fight. I assume that the bike will require repairs and upgrades, and you might end up building a deep bond with your bike in the same way as you did with your horse in Red Dead Redemption 2.

You’ll also need to keep an eye of the condition of your bike and the fuel gauge. Neglecting these can get you stranded in a rough situation without a means to escape. Keep an eye out for extra fuel containers, and materials for repair and upgrade.

The way the open world map opens up to you is also really interesting. Instead of a region unlock or a tower system that clears up the fog on the map, you will only see trails you have traveled on. This means that you’ll have to familiarize yourself with signboards and markers to navigate the world efficiently. You can fast travel between safe points you have unlocked, but it’ll cost you.

Human Enemies

Freakers and animals aren’t your only threat, because there are other human enemies that you’ll need to deal with. Enemy factions are all fighting for resources, and you’ll need to get through them for you and your friends to survive.

Weapons & Customization

With so many dangers all around you, you’ll need a solid arsenal of weapons at your disposal, and Days Gone seems to have that covered. You have assault rifles, shotguns, crossbows, and everything can be upgraded and customized.

You can find weapons as you explore the world, or buy them from vendors at friendly camps. Weapons will also need up-keeping, or they will degrade over time, reducing their damage and accuracy. It does seem like there are a lot of systems in place, and could get either cumbersome or overwhelming, but with the right balance, Days Gone could be something special.

Heavy Narrative Focus
Looks Gorgeous
Open World & Exploration
Interesting Twist On Zombies

No Multiplayer


Alright, so let’s quickly summarize!

World War Z is a co-op zombie shooter, with massive levels to explore. There’s less of a focus on the story, and more focus on the multiplayer elements. If you like games like Left 4 Dead and want a good new game to play with friends, World War Z might be your jam.

Days Gone is a story heavy single player game, again with a lot of zombies. There;s no multiplayer, but the game is open world, with a lot of gameplay systems in place. If you have been enjoying Sony’s recent streak of great single player games, and want to kill a bunch of zombies, then Days Gone is for you.

If you want my opinion, I am more excited for Days Gone. While the early previews made it look a bit generic, the recent trailers showing off the story and exploration focus have piqued my interest. I really do wish it had some multiplayer or co-op, because the world of Days Gone looks like it’ll be fun to explore with a few friends by your side. However, going at it solo will make for a more intense experience. Also, I can always jump into World War Z for some fun zombie shootouts with friends.

So, which one of these games will you be picking up? Let us know in the comments below, and stay tuned for more coverage of Days Gone and World War Z coming soon.

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