Death Stranding Briefing Trailer Gives Us Much Needed Answers

Kojima Production’s Death Stranding ‘s showings at the Tokyo Game Show have begun and the first piece of trailers to be shown is the briefing trailer.

This briefing trailer breaks down the story and seems to be the same video from Gamescom that was shown behind closed doors. This trailer essentially sets up the plot of the game and helps the player understand what the main theme of the game is, atleast for now.

Minor Spoilers for the introductory story of the game as seen from the trailer so be warned.

The trailer shows off the relationship between Sam, Die Hardman, and Amelie as the latter two try to recruit Sam to help connect and bridge the United Cities of America together after the daughter of the now-deceased President Amelie tried to do but failed and was captured by an extremist group.

Sam has some sort of a relationship with these characters but then left their outfit after the death of Amelie’s mother and was subsequently stripped from all his relationship to their faction.

This is probably the first trailer that wasn’t a cryptic cutscene but rather a rather self-explanatory story cutscene that introduces the main plot of the game. However, it is yet to be seen if this is the introduction of the game or something that happens later on and is a flashback of sorts because you never really know with Mr. Hideo.

Fans who have been looking forward to the game can now rest easy after watching this trailer and if you’d like, you can skip the upcoming gameplay trailers if you don’t want to spoil yourself since we don’t know what they’ll showcase in those videos.

Many fans are happy with this trailer itself and feel reassured by it to trust Kojima with the end product and don’t plan on watching other videos about the game just so they can experience it for themselves.

We will have more information about the game soon so stick around for more Death Stranding and news from the Tokyo Game Show.

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