Destiny 2 Free to Keep on PC for Limited Time

Destiny 2 is the first installment of the game to come to PC and has quite an active player base. However, Bungie is trying to increase this player base by offering the game free to players to keep if they get it before November 18th.

For the first anniversary of the game’s PC release, it was announced that Destiny 2’s base game would be free to download as long as you had a Battle.Net account. Those who get the game before 18th November will get to keep the game forever. This does not include any of the DLCs. However, it is a good move to get players as if they enjoy the content, they can then decide to purchase the DLC if they want.

The latest DLC, Forsaken, is a really good DLC and with its purchase, you also get the Curse of Osiris and Warmind DLC free. To get Destiny 2, head on over to the Blizzard website and download the Blizzard Launcher. Install it and either sign up or log-in. Once that is done, click on your account name>View Gifts and Destiny 2 should be available to claim. And voila, the game is now yours to keep.

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