Destiny 3 Leaks Reveal New Locations, More Focus On Hardcore Gameplay

Destiny 2 is still getting a lot of attention from Bungie however that doesn’t mean they haven’t thought about Destiny 3 and what all changes it will entail. Thanks to leaks from a very reliable leaker in the scene, we might know what Destiny 3 will be like.

Reddit user AnonTheNine is a well-known and reliable leaker in the Destiny community especially after he said that the Thunderlord machine gun would make a return soon, which did happen. According to them, the devs have just started working on Destiny 3 with Chris Barrett as the Game Director this time around instead of Luke Smith who still has a big role according to them. They’ve also stated that Destiny 3 is going to be much more RPG focused and hardcore, even going on to say that “a lot of Guardians who play 2 hours per week will abandon the game. They are going balls out with the RPG stuff.” Bungie seems to be doubling down on the RPG aspect and the more hardcore experience for players.

Besides that, there’s the leaked Europa patrol zone. Europa is a one of Saturn’s moon and was first supposed to be in Destiny 1 but was later scrapped and its original concept art is still there. There’s also going to be PvPvE patrol zones where you are fighting for territory. Another surprising and interesting change is that Guardians will now be able to use The Darkness. It will be very interesting to see how they’ll tie that into the story.

Source: Reddit User AnonTheNine 

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