Does Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Push Microtransactions?

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has been out for a couple of days now and there’s been a lot of mixed reviews. Some quite positive, some negative. And some have been trashing the microtransaction part of the game so let’s talk about that for a bit.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has Helix Credits, which can be used to buy skins, weapons and “Time Savers”. Many people have called the game grindy and are angry at Ubisoft for making the game grindy so that people invest in the Time Savers which boost the amount of XP you receive and reduce time requirements for certain things. It basically speeds up your character progress. Now I feel this is for the people who enjoy Assassin’s Creed games but don’t have the time to explore everything and to level up by playing through the side missions, contracts, and the various other side objectives. With a game as long as this, it is a good way for people who can’t make the time for it but still enjoy playing it to experience the story and the most of the game. While I can see why people can attribute its addition to the fact that the game feels grindy, I don’t think it is the worst offender.

Let’s talk about the part that is actually bullshit and is straight up an attempt at cash grab. Heka Chests. Legendary items cost 80 Orichalcalchum( Weapons cost 100). Orichalcum can be found in-game but in very small quantity, about 1 per rock. You get 10 Oricalchum through weekly quests which means 5 weeks of farming. Unless you pay for it of course.  So if you want to get the 2 premium sets that are currently in the game which contain armor and weapons, you will need to farm for a minimum of 10 weeks. That is absolute bullshit in my opinion and needs to be changed to a system similar to the one in Origins.

Ubisoft needs to fix this because besides this and the somewhat poor PC performance, the game has been praised by almost every major media outlet and reviewer and even fans of the series are quite happy with the game and are enjoying playing through it. Let us know what you feel about the microtransaction that is in the game and how it has affected your experience with the game.

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