Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Shows off Cell Saga in this new Trailer

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot had been shown up until Freiza Saga before, now we have footage of the game that features parts of the Cell Saga.

As seen from the trailer, Gohan will also be a playable character, especially during the Cell Saga. So not only do we get to play as Goku but we also get to play as Gohan. We see scenes of Goku taking care of Gohan and spending time with him.

We also see Gohan fight against Cell after Goku sacrifices himself but the coolest part of the trailer was when Goku was driving Gohan around. Goku finally got a driver’s license and we will finally be able to drive a vehicle as Goku.

The game has been accidentally announced to go up until the end of Buu saga by Sean Schemmel the voice actor of Goku so we can hope to see more story-based gameplay soon.

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