Dynasty Warriors 9 Online And Local Co-Op Update Launches October 23, ‘Free Co-Op & Demo Version’ Launches November 1

Dynasty Warriors 9 will add online and local split-screen two-player co-op via an update on October 23, Koei Tecmo announced.

There is restriction in terms of the distance between players in co-op play—players will be able to act individually and go where they please. You can play with both friends and non-friends. Cross-play between platforms is not supported.

A “Free Co-Op & Demo Version” of Dynasty Warriors 9 will also be released on November 1, which allows users to participate in online co-op with friends, as well choose and play the openings of three officers from the game’s roster of 90 (for about one to four hours of play time). For users who only care about certain officers, individual character will also be sold for 200 to 400 yen, depending on their scenario’s length. Trophies / achievements cannot be earned by playing this version of the game.

Koei Tecmo also confirmed plans to release more downloadable content for Dynasty Warriors 9 for the next six months starting in November.

Dynasty Warriors 9 is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


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