EA Reveals FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Odds, And It’s Disastrous

FIFA 19 is finally out and with it begins the quest to become the best FIFA player online. While some choose to stick to good old regular division matches, many love the Ultimate Team game mode and its mechanics. Well, this year thanks to the whole loot box debacle, EA has shared the odds for the pack unlocks, and oh boy are they not what you’d want.

Image Credit: Eurogamer

As seen from the image the chance to unlock a “Ones to Watch Player” is Less than 1%. Ones To Watch are those players cards that are dynamic which means they get a permanent rating boost throughout the season if they perform well. Cristiano Ronaldo also has a Ones to Watch card which will probably make that card the most valuable card right now.

Back to the chances, you have less than 1% of a chance to get those cards. That less than 1% could even mean a 0.001% chance or a 0.01 % chance. And this for the Premium Electrum Players Pack which is a type of Promo pack. While players can now see how much the odds are against their favour, I doubt it will change the fact that people will still spend their money on pack openings because of the thrill of it.  As always though, make decisions responsibly because every person’s decision counts when it comes to loot boxes and games as your wallet is what does the talking.

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