Epic Games Apologises for Unintentional Breast Physics in Fortnite

So much for keeping the kids safe 😛

This happens a day after Sony enables cross play on PS4. So much for keeping the kids safe :PRead more: https://wp.me/p9YzBb-Yx

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Fortnite Season 6 just came out, and it has fans talking for more than one reasons. A major one being Calamity’s breasts, or rather their physics. The new skin for Calamity has considerably noticeable jiggle physics when she performs the Jubilation emote.

A short clip of the animation was shared on Twitter by Twitch stream FaZe, which got the attention of the fans as they shared it over the internet. The funny thing is, it doesn’t happen in the other emotes. For whatever reason, Jubilation is the only emote in which jiggle physics seems to be enabled.

Epic Games has issued an apology in response to this incident. They said it’s a mistake, and “is unintended, embarrassing and careless (for us) to let it ship”. Additionally, they’ve also disabled some elements of the animation system as they try to fix this issue. So, beware of some skins facing animation problems for a while.

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