Epic Games Store to Get Optional Review System

Epic Games Store will finally get a review system but with a catch. It is going to be optional and developers will get to choose whether to opt in or not.

After Epic Games was called out for being anti-consumer they seem to be listening to the criticism and feedback they’ve been getting. They’re adding a Review System that’s based on the one from the Unreal Engine marketplace.

They’ve made it optional by giving the developers the choice to opt-in if they choose to but is it really a good move? Tim Sweeney’s reasoning is that they don’t want review bombing and to prevent gaming-the-system. I mean if the game is bad or the developers do something to screw over the owners of a game, they can just muzzle the back lash by disabling Reviews.

Most of the time review bombs occur because either the developers or publisher do something to screw over the owners of the game. The Metro games are getting review bombed on Steam right now because of the sudden exclusivity deal that publisher Deep Silver struck with Epic Games.

Epic Games are getting bashed constantly now for being anti-consumer, more-so for being against the principle element of PC Gaming which is the ability to choose. Poaching developers to make games exclusively available on their lack-lustre store has more than just irked the community.

Steam’s review system helps fix the issue with review bombings by showing a recent review aggregate and also an overall one. Plus, you need to own the product to leave a review and there’s an option to mark the fact that you received the product you’re reviewing for free.

It’s not easy to make a new and robust review system but this attempt at having one just to tick the box isn’t what the people want from this platform. There’s a lot of angry folks screaming at Epic right now which makes it hard to read actual feedback and constructive criticism but good luck to Epic because even if they provide the developers with a better deal, if the people using the platform aren’t happy, they wont use it.

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