Fastest Characters In Free Fire

For newer and even seasoned players, movement speed makes a gargantuan amount of difference in-game. It is as important as your HP and damage. In Free Fire, the characters don’t have any HP differences but movement speed does vary. A faster movement speed allows for quicker flanks, quicker escapes, and quicker looting. 

Kelly – Known as ‘Free Fire’s Sprinter’, Kelly’s dash ability gives you a 6% increase in movement speed which can be critical. It is rather weak when compared to the other characters in the game but nonetheless, she deserves a mention in this list. Kelly was one of the first characters added to the game which can explain this situation.

Caroline – Caroline has one of the better abilities in Free Fire. Her movement speed is increased by 8% whenever she’s rocking a shotgun and we have already explained to you the difference shotguns can make in your game here. If you’re planning to use the M1887, Caroline might just be your best bet. 

Alok – Hands down one of the best characters in the game, Alok is overpowered which is mainly due to his ability called ‘Drop the beat.’ When active, this ability increases the running speed of Alok and his teammates within a 5-meter radius by 15% for 10 seconds. Honestly, just use Alok.

Joseph – He is the fastest character in the game. The catch is that he cannot activate his ability voluntarily. The ‘Nutty Movement’ passive ability increases Joseph’s movement speed by 20%, which way faster than any other character in the game. When you’re outside the safe zone, you can constantly use this to close in to the safe zone.

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