Fifflaren Opens Up About NiP: Ninjas in Problems?

The Ninjas in Pyjamas, famously known as NiP are one of the most beloved organizations in CSGO. They started off as one of the best teams still have legends of the game with GeT_RiGhT and f0rest.

The line-up with Fiffy. ESL One Cologne 2014.

They’ve had a lot of roster changes and one of the players kicked from the team, Fiflarren was not too happy about it and had a lot to say about the org. Richard Lewis a famous British esports journalist was quick to reach out to him to give him a proper platform to air his grievances.

This happened on a live podcast interview and Fifflaren had a lot to say so let’s dive right into it.

A lot of the problems Fiffy mentioned, stem from bad contracts and the org taking advantage of the players. The contracts that they had to sign wasn’t the best and in some-cases had absurd clauses.

  • Players used to get 0% from merch during Fiffy’s career (no detail if true now).

This is pretty messed up considering that they sold a lot of merch as NiP was on top, especially Stickers where 50% of proceedings were supposed to go the player.

  • All winnings of 2013 were stolen and never paid (apart from DH Winter, where players directly contacted event organizer in order to get the winnings, bypassing the org).
NiP at DreamHack Winter

Pretty straight forward here, NiP took all the money and never gave players their share of the win.

  • There was some issue with 2013 taxes, which swayed players in signing new contracts (new contracts offered help in case a player was hit with tax evasion by the government).

They were basically made to sign new contracts so that they could get protection and help from the org in case of a tax issue like tax evasion. They were promised that their taxes from the previous year would be paid by the org.

  • The org has a right to issue a 20k Euro fine at any time for any contract breach. This is while offering a salary of 1k per month.

That’s a crazy fine to have, especially since it would take them atleast a year and a half to make that much.

  • The org didn’t allow having girlfriends and the org would check whether or not they were good enough for the player. They were forced to ask(written permission) from the org if they could have a GF and the org would review it.

Having Girlfriends was not outright banned, but Gfs were not allowed at certain events (and perhaps other restrictions existed) because “org felt they were a distraction or a wrong fit for a player”.

  • Players weren’t informed of Fiffy getting replaced by the org and Fiffy was forced to tell the team himself.

Maikelele was told 6 months before he joined the team that he would be part of the team if NiP, especially Fifflaren had bad results. During this time, NiP went on to win the major after which Fiffy was kicked. And even when they were replacing Fiffy, the org decided hat Fiffy would have to tell the team that he’s being replaced. The team was not informed or consulted for this.

  • Players were lowkey promised a future in the org (or related) after retirement, they were building a home for themselves, they were participating in commercials and endorsing products for free.
  • Org did not back Fiffy at all when he was getting craploads of hate on social media. He was forced to bear the mental toll himself. Now GTR going through the same thing, though there is a sports psychologist now.

All of these just make it clear how the org handles their players. They never shielded Fiffy and now they’re probably also pushing for GeT_RiGhT to retire. Fiffy was not happy about this and had a word of advice for GTR.

  • Fiffy message to GTR: you don’t owe anything to NiP, you were the greatest player in the world, just leave them and play with some other team, you deserve it. RL mentions GTR’s condition with stress and how he was insanely ill every game and consistently puking between matches.

GeT_RiGhT is known to have stomach issues but the amount of stress and pressure to perform has been getting to him recently since he’s puking between matches and is overall not well. The org should be taking steps to take care of someone who has been the face of the org for so long.

  • At least 4 players of 4 different games reached out and said that they are in similar conditions.

This is something that is still going on with the org and isn’t just limited to their CSGO team. Even those who are not associated with the org but are in the same industry have heard about this on some level.

  • The money from the Charity event went to 3 different PayPal accounts. The money from there went to a business email which NiP Management along with a few other people had access to. The Password was changed shortly after.

Everyone assumed that Pita, the coach back then and now just took the money for himself. That is not the case as he didn’t have access to the account. An update was given 8 months after and the building that they had donated for was finally built. NiP never put out a statement to clear Pita’s name and basically let him take the blame.

There’s a whole lot of things that Fifflaren talked about in the interview including that he and other players were still owed money and they don’t know if and when they’ll get it. I highly recommend that you watch RLewis’ video in a few days when he posts his thoughts as well as the full VOD on Youtube.

NiP has been the favourite org for many people for years now. They’ve been known for the “NiP Magic”. However, nothing about this sounds magical and turns out that tidbits about this were known to those in the industry but nobody knew it was this bad.

While Fifflaren’s statements can’t be verified, it does seem to be widely accepted since there have been others who either went through this or heard about it. Kudos to Fifflaren and Richard Lewis for taking this step and hopefully this helps others speak up as well. We will continue to report this story as it continues and maybe we can expect NiP to put out a statement.

The talking points were taken from the various threads that were made and I’d like to thank all those who tried to sum it up.

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