Five Things You Need To Know About Anthem

When BioWare’s next game Anthem, the game that lets you fly around in awesome mech suits, was announced, fans of the developer were perplexed. A studio that is widely known for their exquisite narrative driven single player games were developing an online multiplayer focused game in the same vein as Bungie’s Destiny franchise.

Here is what you ‘MUST’ know before you step into a javelin suit and fly around the world of Anthem.

  1. You get to fly around in Javelins
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Basically, rudimentary versions of Iron-Man’s armour. Each of these Javelins has their own playstyle and controls differently in both combat and traversal. The four Javelins that will be available in the game initially are:

The Colossus- Tank
The Ranger- Allrounder
The Interceptor- Stealth Assassin
The Storm- Mage

2. There’s a Story

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After the Gods mysteriously disappeared leaving behind their tools, which harnesses the Anthem a pure source of creation, humanity has struggled to survive the savaged and seemingly in-complete world, carving out their existence in Fort Tarsis, one of the last bastions of humanity. Now, an old foe has begun to rise once again as the Dominion has started to rise in the North. They want one thing and one thing only and that is to control the Anthem and use it to subjugate the rest of humanity.

As a Freelancer, one of those cool Javelin wearing dudes, you are tasked with protecting Fort Tarsis by venturing deep into the world and trying to stop the Dominion at any cost.

3. You can choose and customize your abilities and look

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Anthem will allow players to change the loadout of their respective Javelins to suit their specific playstyle. And while each Javelin does sort of have a pre-defined role (such as the Colossus being the tank) there is still a lot of flexibility in how you can set-up each Javelin’s abilities.

The players will be able to change the colour of their various Javelin armour pieces, add decals, and even change the specific material type that each armour piece is made of.

Anthem will separate cosmetics from gear meaning that you will be able to change the look of your Javelin without it affecting your perks or armour score. 

4. There’ll be a ‘LOT’ of killing

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As a Freelancer, you’ll be tasked with beating the living daylights out of various enemies and creatures. This means you’ll need access to an arsenal of weapons. Anthem will have all the weapons you’ve come to expect in games such as these, from heavy machine guns to hand pistols and even sniper rifles with most weapons having some sort of perk attached to them depending on their rarity.

5. There will be microtransactions (Boo!)

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Anthem is, after all things said and considered, an EA game. It lays in the shadows of a cursed land, or shall I rather say cursed publisher. As of yet, EA has said that the microtransactions will be cosmetic only, but EA is not a publisher that I can trust.

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