Foot Motion Controller For PSVR Launching This Year

Fans of PSVR, rejoice! No longer will your movements in the realm of virtual reality be restricted to your clumsy fingers. Now you can use your feet too, well, not now, but soon enough. The company will be launching 3DRudder, its foot-controlled motion controller in June.

The controller has been available for PC users for a while now, but soon PS VR users will be able to bask in its glory as well. Designed by an architect, it aims to let you control movement using your feet and free your hands to take care of other tasks. Here’s a statement from the official blog post.

“I’m an architect,” explains company co-founder Valerio Bonora of the peripheral’s origins. “10 years ago I was in charge of redesigning all the metal work of one of Paris’s historical monument – not the Eiffel tower, for those wondering!

“I was sat at my computer using my hands to zoom in and out and rotate the structure over and over while designing it. My wrists were aching, and I thought: ‘this all would be much more efficient if I could move around in my project with my feet, and keep my hands focused on designing’. That’s how I started drawing the first concept of the foot motion controller.”

The device has a flat, circular disc-like platform at the top for your feet, while the bottom is rounded. In order to control movement, all you need to do is tilt your feet in the direction you want to move. The more you tilt, the faster you go, allowing for seamless movement, including walking and sprinting.

The device can plugged into the PS4 console using a USB and is compatible with the PlayStation Move controllers, DualShock 4 controllers and the PS VR Aim controllers. The 3DRudder will launch for the PS4 on 17th June with support for a host of games, and more games will be receiving support for more games over time.

You can read about more about the 3DRudder on the official PlayStation blog.

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