Fortnite Chapter 2 Launch Trailer Shows Off The New Stuff

Fortnite was down for a bit last weekend after a blackhole sucked everything up. A few days after, we’ve received the first look at Fortnite Chapter 2, the next saga in the Fortnite world.

Fortnite Chapter has changed the game up. The good ol’ map that we’re all used to has been changed. There’s a lot more water now on the map because aquatic forms of transportation is a big part of this chapter. You’ve got boats for you and your squad, you can swim around in the water to cross river bodies and you can also fish.

that’s right, the game now has fishing where you can get loot and items by doing so. There are new ways to upgrade your medals now and even an ability to carry a downed teammate to safety. And this can be used in tandem with a Bandaid Bazooka that can heal teammates from a distance.

Chapter 2 looks to continue to keep things fresh for Fortnite and it’s already gotten millions of people talking about it and playing the game. There are no patch notes for this update because Epic Games wants players to find out all the new things on their own so we’re excited to see all the new additions to the game.

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