Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 Trailer Leaked!

Fortnite “ended” more than24 hours ago and while the world is currently staring intently at a black hole, the data miners have been at it and have managed to get their hands on the next trailer for the game.

This trailer officially announces Fortnite Chapter 2, the next direction in the Fortnite Battle Royale mode. As seen from the trailer they’ve made some changes to the game.

You’ve got boats. Yup, boats. You can ride them, get your team on it and have a full-on action movie-style gunfight on them. Or if you’re more of a pacifist, you can go fishing. Survival is stressful and there’s nothing more stress-busting then fishing away from your troubles as you crack open a cold one with the bois/girls.

And with the new chapter comes a new Season. Season 1 will come with a battle pass that has various ways to level up. Including getting kills, collecting material and finding loot.

You’ve got new rewards, a pogo stick so you can hop around the map with your friends and so many more costumes and cosmetics that if you have an impressionable child playing the game, you better hide yo’ cards.

The most interesting new features seem to be the ability to carry downed players on your shoulders in a fireman carry. However, you won’t be able to use any weapons when you’re carrying a teammate.

We’re still waiting on the official announcement to see all the various changes so hopefully, we shouldn’t be waiting too long and will get more information in the next day or two.

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