Fortnite Is Still Not The Biggest Game In the World

While Fortnite might be one of the most popular and trending games right now, it still isn’t the biggest game in the world. There’s a game that still beats it, a game that has been around for ages now, a game that also had a Battle Royale mode. That game is Minecraft.

Fortnite draws in about 80 million players on a monthly basis which is quite huge. One of the reasons for this could be the addition of new content on a very quick basis. However, Minecraft still manages to pull in over 90 million active players every month. This is a game that is 9 years old at this point and is still going very strong. This can be attributed to the huge updates that get pushed every few months that add a ton of new blocks, mobs, and biomes to the game, giving players a new reason to come back and try things out.

The game also has a strong community that has their own servers with plugins that they use to tailor to a specific need or want. Not to mention, the plethora of amazing mods available to the game that make it an extremely fun game to play with your friends while also being a relaxed game. With texture mods, reshades etc Minecraft can look great and it has something for everybody which could be the reason for it being relevant, 9 years later.

Do you think Fortnite has what it takes to survive that long? Let us know down below.

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