Free Fire: Best Close Range Guns

If you’re wondering why you’re unable to win those close-range gunfights and you get downed before you even get a chance to react, try switching up your weapons and maybe make the switch to SMGs or shotguns to destroy people within range. 

Most of you are well acquainted with the various ARs and Snipers in Free Fire but don’t rock a short-range option in your arsenal. If you’re looking for some good options, we’ve got you covered:-

MP5 – One of the best SMGs in the game, the MP5 is an absolute beast when used in close range combat. Its high rate of fire coupled with decent DPS makes it the go-to weapon for many good players. The low recoil is an added bonus. There are various attachments available in order to increase mobility, accuracy, etc. 

M1014 – This shotty is a monster when it comes to close-quarters battles. Even though many people find shotguns cumbersome due to the high reload times, this one allows you to unload six shells before having to reload which if done correctly is more than enough to kill an enemy. 

MP40 – If your go-to strategy is spraying and praying then the MP40 just might be the most ideal weapon for you. The weapon boasts of the highest rate of fire in Free Fire which makes it a beast when circumstances are dire. It also has a snappy reload mechanism along with a large enough magazine to take care of anyone who stands in your way. 

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