Free Fire: Best Guns To Use Part 2

Free Fire just like other battle royale games offers players over 40 weapons to choose from but not all weapons were made equal. Some guns give you a tactical advantage over your enemies. They also provide you with better options as to how to engage with your opponents. Read part one of this guide here.

If you like using Shotguns, then the M1014 is the best shotgun you’ll find in Free Fire. With its high damage, it is absolutely lethal at close range. It also has a decent rate of fire which can make quick work of your enemies without running a sweat. Additionally, it’s pretty easy to find on the battlefield, so even if you don’t normally use shotguns it will make for a viable weapon until you find other weapons on this list.

The AK47 is an assault rifle that needs no introduction at all. This is the favorite weapon of a lot of people because of its high damage. But one issue with this gun is its high recoil, so the best way to use it is with Level 3 attachments. Thanks to the recoil, you have a higher chance of taking headshots if you are used to the weapon, which is another reason why people love this gun.

The SCAR is also a great assault rifle with a high rate of fire. It can deal a lot of damage to your enemies but even this is best used with Level 3 attachments. However, using this is a little easier than the AK47, so you might be able to net kills more easily with the SCAR.

This is hands down the best SMG in Free Fire which is perfect for close-range combat. Thanks to its high rate of fire, it can easily shred through any number of enemies should they dare to come close to you. Its damage output is pretty good too. It’s very useful for all kinds of players and keeping it in your primary slot will make sure you don’t have to worry about close-range combat.

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