Free Fire: Flaming Fist Event

All of us can take out enemies using a gun in Free Fire but there’s a different kind of thrill which comes from taking out an enemy using a melee weapon. It takes some skill(and good luck) to do so efficiently while simultaneously dodging enemy bullets.

Garena Free Fire already contains a variety of melee weapons to take your enemies out in style: including katanas and a pan. But with the latest event coming in October, players will be able to take out enemies in style using their fists. The Flaming Fist is the first melee skin to make its way into the massively popular mobile battle royale game: Free Fire.

The trailer for the same is embedded below:-

Ever since the announcement, players have been itching to know what the skin will cost, does it have any bonuses and how can one obtain the skin. At the time of writing this article there aren’t many details available.

The skin was made available on the Indonesian servers earlier last month. A spin event will determine whether you get the skin or not, along with this, players will also get a chance to win a 9999 diamond jackpot in the same event. 

As always spinning the wheel will cost diamonds. A single spin costs 20 diamonds whereas a 10 spin combo can be obtained for 180 diamonds. A spin which has double the chance of dropping a jackpot can be obtained for 30 diamonds.

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