Free Fire Map Guide: Kalahari

Kalahari was the latest map to be added in Free Fire and it’s an arid region with a variety of buildings and terrain including rolling hills and extensive plains. The varied terrain makes for short and long-distance engagements. But before you even begin playing you need an overview of the best drop locations on the map. We will cover this in our article today:- 

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Refinery – One of the more extensive areas in Kalahari, Refinery has lots of tight corners along with big complexes. There are lots of valuable items strewn around the map including sniper rifles and fully kitted weapons. The zone is also highly contested right from the beginning of the game so be wary of lurkers who are trying to get free kills.

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Command Post – Popular for its early game firefights, Command Post has good loot but is also not very large which makes looting that much easier. A lot of people usually try to land here so you gotta fight your way but trust me it is worth it in the end.

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The Sub – Popular for its armor kits, The Sub is a good place to land if you know how to navigate tricky areas. It’s very easy to spot enemies and take them out so try landing here as early as possible and loot quickly. Be careful when you run on the submarine though and don’t fall off. 

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Stone Ridge – Known for its amazing loot as well as serene atmosphere, Stone ridge will soon become your favourite place after you begin landing on it regularly. There’s basic as well as high tier loot which makes the place really balanced and you can be ready to fight in a jiffy.

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Santa Catarina – Known for its scenic view as well as the availability of loot, Santa Catarina contains good armour as well as fully kitted weapons. Snipers are commonplace here. A lot of people land here so be ready to get aggressive right off the bat. 

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