Free Fire OB24 Update: All you need to know

Free Fire is all set to launch a new update that will be available for all of us to experience at exactly 5:30 PM IST. The maintenance has been going on since 10 AM which leads us to assume that it’s going to be a sizable update. The OB24 update comes on account of Free Fire’s 3rd Anniversary Celebration. 

What will the OB24 update bring?

New Gameplay Mechanics – These quality of life improvements will certainly change the game quite a bit and even though they may seem insignificant they are huge quality of life improvements. The last one is going to switch up things quite a bit due to people being able to reach previously unreachable places. 

Weapon Adjustments – A plethora of nerfs and buffs to weapons will make the gameplay more interesting and maybe make people more hesitant to use the Kar98k.

Spawn and Training Island Updates – In spite of having no real game difference, these features make for a fun addition though.

Language – This certainly makes for a much-needed improvement as adding Hindi as a language will make the game so much more accessible in the Indian market.

Characters – The Garena Free Fire OB24 update brings two new characters- Dasha and Sverr to the game. 

New Guns – The M21 Sniper and Parafal AR are going to be introduced in the game as soon as the update goes live. 

Bermuda Remastered – We finally get to play in Bermuda Remastered even during classic BR. 

Pet Rockie – The less you know the better…

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