Free Fire Will Feature Hrithik Roshan As a New Character

Free Fire has recently announced their plans for releasing a new character ‘Jai’ based on the famous Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan. Free Fire has over 31 characters, out of which many have been inspired from real life personalities but this is the first time an actor as famous as Hrithik has joined the game’s roster.

The actor has previously played characters with the same name as ‘Jai’ in movies such as Bang Bang and Kites which were not only famous domestically but internationally too.

Previously, there were leaks that suggested the character will be coming with the Free Fire OB23 update but that turned out to be not true as the update featured Hayato and Luqueta.

This reveal is all part of Free Fire’s ‘Be The Hero’ campaign and according to the company the developers are looking forward to bring together two extremely popular industries in the country (Gaming and Film).

Ability and Backstory

According to previous leaks the new character ‘Jai’ is supposedly a SWAT agent trained to operate in high risk situations who belongs to New Delhi, India.

He also has an ability called ‘Furious Reload’ which allows players to reload their weapons immediately. This will prove to be a very useful ability in firefights and can turn the tide very easily.

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