Garena Free Fire Best Graphics Guide For Optimal Performance

Garena Free Fire has a lot of settings and options to play around with before you even get into a match, and if you’re stuck wondering what are the best settings to go with, don’t worry. This guide will provide you a good walkthrough of the settings menu, all its different options and what do to with them. So without further ado, let’s dive into it.

Basic Settings

In the Basic Settings menu, set your Graphics to Standard if you’re using a budget or midrange phone, if you have a high end device, you can set it to Ultra. This will help improve the game’s graphics and you’ll be able to spot the enemies more easily. If you feel like your phone is lagging on the Standard setting, go ahead and set it to Smooth.

For Brightness, we recommend keeping the setting on Very Bright because if the brightness is high, you’ll be able to see your opponents better as you’ll have better vision in darker areas and they won’t be able to hide.

There’s an option for High FPS as well, and if your phone can handle it, keep it on High as it will make your game run smoother and you’ll find it much easier to aim.

It’s best to keep Shadows on Off because it will only reduce your average FPS and in this game, for the most part it won’t even make much of a difference.

If you have a phone with a notch on the screen, turn the Notch option on in the menu.

Finally, for the Mini-Map option, set it to Rotating. This will make sure you never get confused regarding which direction you need to turn to next, or from where you’re being attacked by an enemy. As keeping an eye on your mini-map is important in the game, it’ll come in handy if you always have your bearings.

Sensitivity Settings

Now, let’s talk about the sensitivity settings. Here, we have no problem recommending the default settings as we find that they’re pretty good as such. There are no issues while aiming. In case you feel that the camera movement is a bit too slow or too fast, you should test it out and adjust the settings according to what you find comfortable.

Controls Settings

Coming to the Controls settings. Here also you’ll see a lot of options, but we’ll tell you which ones are the most important for you to set in the beginning.

First things first, keep the Aim Precision setting on default because it’ll make it much easier for you to aim. The Precise on Scope option will help you when you’re aiming without a scope but when you use a scope there won’t be any aim assist. Full Control means you won’t get any aim assist at all at any point.

Most people keep the Aim Precision on default in this game because it makes aiming a lot easier and you can get a lot more headshots.

Next, keep the In-Game tips on Simplified. This will keep the warnings and countdowns on the side instead of the middle of the screen, meaning you won’t have to worry about distractions and you’ll be able to focus on the game and killing your enemies.

The final setting here is the Auto Parachute. It’s better it keep it on as you won’t have to worry about deploying your parachute as you head down at full speed after jumping off from the plane. You’ll be able to land faster and get your hands on some good loot.

And this was our guide for the best graphics, sensitivity and control settings for Garena Free Fire. Let us know what you think in the comments and do share your feedback about the guide and the game as well. And don’t forget to check regularly for more Free Fire guides as we’re regularly updating our website with more tips and tricks for all your favourite games like PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, COD Mobile, Clash Royale and more.

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