GARENA Free Fire Gets New Skins and Bundles For Holiday Season

While Santa makes his final preparations for his global trek on Christmas Eve, little did he know Garena has also been making plans for Free Fire players around the world to deliver new costumes, gun skins, game modes, and special events to celebrate the holiday season. 

After several days of voting, the ongoing battle between seals and penguins to decide who the supreme, and most adorable, winter animal is has come to an end. Free Fire players have decided the seal represents the holidays the best and a costume made to resemble it will be available to purchase at a discount between December 20 to December 26. As for the penguin, fans can still purchase its costume to continue to show their support from the in-game store.Discounts for both the seal and penguin costumes are based on the vote totals they received and players who submitted their vote will receive 100? back once their purchase is made. Those who pick up both costumes will receive an additional reward: the bliss of winter banner and a Winterland 2019 avatar.In addition to the Seals vs. Penguins event, Garena currently has a number of special content and events going on in Free Fire. They include:

Seals and penguins aren’t the only adorable animals that are taking over Free Fire as the “Treat Your Panda” event is now live through December 29. In this event, players will need to feed their pandas by either collecting tokens or purchasing food. As the panda’s weight increases, players will receive panda-related prizes in-game.Free Fire fans are not going to want to miss out on its ongoing Winterlands event. To join in on the holiday festivities, players can download the game for free at the following locations:

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