Ghost Of a Tale – Review

Ghost of a tale was a released in 2017 and is Action role playing game. You play as Tilo -a mouse- off on an adventure for a story of ages. The world is dangerous especially for a little mouse, hence Tilo must act cunningly combining abilities of combat and stealth to persevere. The game’s landscape -varied and beautiful- takes you through dark muddy dungeons to the green grassy courtyards, castles and towers which because of their archaic look really add to the feel of adventure or a quest.

Platforms- PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC
Price- 569 Rs
Developer- SeithCG
Publisher- SeithCG


  • World is beautiful and challenging
  • Music holds well the theme of adventure and exploration throughout the game
  • Combat strategies needs to planned keeping in mind that you’re a mouse helping better immersion into the character and story


  • The camera zoom cramps up the view especially in congested spaces like dungeons
  • Minor bugs in combat

Score: 7/10

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