God of War’s Freya Comes To Life In This Amazing Cosplay

God of War is an absolutely stellar game with a lot of intriguing and interesting characters that you interact with throughout the game. The game appealed to both newcomers to the series and fans of the previous titles and has created a lot of fan content ever since its release. Ibelinn Cosplay decided to go ahead and cosplay as Freya, an extremely important character to the story who didn’t get as much love as Kratos did in the cosplay scene and you can see her phenomenal cosplay below.

Freya isn’t the cosplay she’s done, she’s also cosplayed as a great Lara Croft, as Alloy from Horizon Zero Dawn and as Elizabeth from Bioshock. If you’d like to see more of her work, head on over to her Instagram page Ibelinncosplay

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