Hidden Games on the Play Store part 2

We discussed five more hidden games on the Play Store in another article. If you’re looking for more such weird games that you might not have heard of then you’ve come to the right place.

Beat Stomper – Macaca Games Inc.

Beat Stomper is a simple action arcade game that is controlled with only one tap. One tap to jump and one tap to stomp. The gameplay loop is incredibly simple, in that you need to get as high as possible. Along your way you will find small boosts that shoot you up. Chain a few of these boosts in a row and you get an extra boost as well.

There are challenges that you can complete to unlock different looks for your game and each look has a soundtrack associated with it. While this isn’t one of the most complex games on the Play Store, it still has a visual style that is unique and makes it look really cool.

Among Us – Inner Sloth LLC

If you are familiar with the incredible pc game Space Station 13, you will feel right at home with this one. While not as complex, it has a similar approach to the game. You can play with 4 to 10 players (the more the better). All of you are spawned in a spaceship where there are many tasks to be done. The tasks include refueling the spaceship, emptying the garbage etc. One of the players is given the role of the imposter. The imposter has one task – kill all the members on the ship. However this isn’t easy for the imposter as people can report the imposter and if people figure out who the imposter is, they win.

People can call meetings in the ship where people get to share what they know about the imposter. Then they get to vote on who they think might think the imposter is. But you have to be very careful as the person with the most votes gets ejected from the ship regardless of whether they are the imposter or not. This is a really fun game of deception and betrayal.

Silly Sausage in Meat Land – Nitrome

This game sees you controlling an infinitely stretchable dachshund through meat land. This game is as ridiculous as it sounds. Move your dog around the place to collect gems that you can use for activating checkpoints. However these checkpoints keep increasing in price as you go on. This game presents an interesting way to manoeuvre around the levels which themselves are crafted to take full advantage of this mechanic. This keeps the game fresh and engaging for longer. If you manage to finish this game then you can check out it’s sequel Silly Sausage: Doggy Dessert as well where you will find even more new challenges.

King Tongue – ANKAMA GAMES

This is another weird arcade game. The plot of the game is too ridiculous to properly sum up here but know that you will be fighting a lot of bananas in this game. You play as King Tongue, the lord of the monkeys who has to fend off waves of bananas armed with high tech military weapons with nothing else but your tongue. You can swing around the levels using your tongue as a grapple. You can also pull your enemies towards you with it to kick them in their face. This game is really fun and it feels extremely satisfying to sweep up all the enemies zipping around the level.

Fast Like A Fox – WayBefore Ltd.

While this game might look like a normal platformer, the most interesting part of the game is how you control it. When you begin the game, you get the option of controlling your fox with touch or tap controls. Tap controls will allow you to tap the back of your phone to make the fox run forward. While this might force you to hold the phone in a weird position, it adds to the challenge of the game and makes some of the platforming more tricky.

However the game has more going for it than just a cool control scheme. The game makes you explore the mysterious forest to find the treasures of the Golden Fox tribe. Throughout the game you visit various lands that look gorgeous with the origami-esque art style.

Try these games out and tell us in the comments how they were. Stay tuned for more such fun articles and news on Mobile Gaming. If you’re interested in reading more such articles, check out the links below.

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