Hidden Games on the Play Store part 3

If you are looking for more weird recommendations from the Play Store, we have more for you. Here are five more games dug from the Play Store that you need to play now.

Mars: Mars by Pomelo Games

If you’re looking for a simple and chill, this game is perfect for you. You can guess from the title that this game is set on Mars. You control the jetpack of an astronaut who is stranded on Mars and has to travel to an infinite number of fuel stations for some reason. Maybe he didn’t see how Matt Damon passed his time on that planet. You have to control the thrusters on each side by touching either side of your phone’s screen. As you progress through the game, you find some weird structures and locations where if you hover for some time, you can click selfies at those points. This game has a myriad of astronauts that you can unlock as well by collecting credits. Each astronaut brings a new look with them. You can get bonus credits if you land on successive platforms without crashing. This is a simple game that you can boot up and play anytime.

Tactile Wars by ANKAMA GAMES

This game looks like a standard real time strategy game but it has some interesting mechanics which set it apart from other games. In this game, you control a group of soldiers and your main objective is to capture points and also protect them. The colourful visuals might seem childish but this game has a surprising amount of depth. You can arrange your soldiers in any configuration you want as you get to draw the pattern you want them to stand in. This allows a lot of flexibility for the player’s strategies. Apart from this, you also have mines, tanks and many more defenses that you can place to protect your base camp. The game also has a decent progression system which allows you to upgrade your troops as you go.

Leap Day by Nitrome

Nitrome makes quite impressive games, and this game doesn’t disappoint. This is a vertical platformer of sorts where you tap to make your character jump, and your objective is to just go up. But sprinkled along the way are numerous obstacles that you have to avoid to complete each stage. All these obstacles add a puzzle solving element to the game. To ensure that the game stays fresh all the time, players get a new level everyday and they can even go back to play the previous levels. But the best things about this game is that even though there is an endless supply of levels, each level is different enough from the others to keep challenging the player. Nitrome has many good looking games, and this game certainly is one of them.

Heads Off by PONOS Corporation

If you were looking for weird games in this list, then here’s our pick for you! In this game you find yourself controlling a disembodied head. On tapping, the head screams which gives a thrust to move the head in the opposite direction. The platforming in this game isn’t too hard by itself, but the absurd physics based controls of this game make it about a hundred times more challenging. What makes this game even weirder is the progression in this game, where the further you go in the game, on the right of the screen, you get to read about the life of the head you are controlling. New heads can also be unlocked which grow on a spooky looking tree. You need to collect orbs to grow these heads.

here – a puzzle game by Tecchyonic

This is a minimalist puzzle game. For the people who don’t know what that means, this is a genre of games which focuses on simple puzzles all of which have the same endpoint. In this game, it is to find the word ‘here’. Each puzzle will be different from the other and the game expects the player to figure out not the solution but how the puzzle works themselves. While it looks simple, some puzzles will certainly make you scratch your head. While it doesn’t really do anything new in this genre, it is certainly a solid starting point for it.

Try these games out and tell us in the comments how they were. Stay tuned for more such fun articles and news on Mobile Gaming. If you’re interested in reading more such articles, check out the links below.

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