HITMAN 2: The Bank, New Mission set in New York

HITMAN 2 – New York is a new sandbox location that takes Agent 47 to the New York branch of the Milton-Fitzpatrick investment bank. Wear new disguises and use new items to complete the mission and earn new unlocks that can be used in all locations.

Agent 47’s mission at the bank takes place on a rainy day in New York where an investigation at the bank is in full swing. He must follow the money and eliminate the bank’s director to complete his objectives.

This really well-made trailer showcases the various disguises and activities for Agent 47 while building up one of the targets of the mission who seems to be a snobby lady who thinks most people are beneath her and has a snide remark for Agent 47 who is in disguise wearing a sweater.

The trailer ends with Agent 47 replying to her remark by saying, “Everybody needs a hobby, Miss Savalas”

“Over the years, Savalas has also developed a refined disdain for the middle class, reducing customers to numbers on sheets of paper with no thought to the things she destroys with her constant ‘less is more’ approach to small and medium-sized businesses. Rumors of wanton gambling with client money and the bank’s finances are beginning to catch up to her and with the board of directors looking for a new CEO of Milton-Fitzpatrick, Savalas is eagerly covering her tracks, using any means necessary.”

This bank level arrives on 25th June and will be available as part of Expansion Pack 1 and will be made available to SIlver and Gold Editions of the game as well.

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