How to play the Steam Summer Sale Grand Prix; Get Free Games

The Steam Summer Sale is back and has a game this year as well which rewards players for participating. But, this time around, the Summer Sale Grand Prix is a little bit confusing. Don’t worry though because we will help you understand how to participate in this. Before we start, make sure to arrange your Wishlist because you could have the game at the top of your wishlist gifted to you, more on that later.

How to Start:

To start, you will want to click on the Steam Grand Prix Summer Sale banner which will redirect you to the Grand Prix page. Once here, scroll down a little bit and click on “Join the Races”.

Choose your team, preferably the same team as your friends( Don’t pick Team Corgi though, it’s waaaaay in the lead right now). Once you’ve picked your team, the dashboard will open up. This is where it can get a little confusing.

The Boost Meter:

Here you have a thing called the “Boost Meter”. This basically acts as a way to increase your team’s speed and to move ahead in the race. So when you use the boost, you’re moving your team ahead. If you coordinate this with your friends and teammates, there’s a 0.1x multiplier.


The Boost Meter is filled with points and Nitro which is earned by partaking in Grand Prix Quests. Grand Prix quests are just objectives that are quite doable. There’s a lot of different games that have these quests and even just playing a game will give you points. For e.g. playing CSGO and winning a competitive match will give you 50 points. These points can be redeemed by clicking the particular quest and redeeming it after completing it.


The Boost Meter’s starting capacity depends on how much you’ve spent on Steam in the past. However, this capacity increases by 430 points for every Rs 100 you spend. It also increases by 100 points at the end of the day.

Attacking the Opposition:

When you use the Boost Meter, there is a 1-in-4 chance to get an Attack. Using this will slow down the team of your choosing. Using this with a 100 teammates at the same time will give a 0.1x multiplier to the attack.


Every time you Boost your team, you receive coins. These coins can then be used at the Pitstop. Here, you can get Grand Prix themed Steam backgrounds and Chat Emoticons. You can also get a Grand Prix Badge and a Rs 120 discount code.

End of Race Prizes:

At the end of the races after 24 hours every day, the top three teams will receive Grand Prix points. The 1st team gets 3 points, the 2nd team gets 2 points and the 3rd team gets 1 point. In a similar fashion, 300 random users from the team that finished 1st will get the item on top of their wishlist gifted to them. For the 2nd placed team only 200 users will be given the top wishlisted item and for the 3rd place only 100 users.

At the end of the event, the Grand Prix points will be added up. The team that finishes 1st with the most points will be declared the winner. 1000 users of the team that finishes 1st will receive the top 3 games in their wishlist.

Similarly, the team that finishes 2nd will have 1000 users who will receive their top 2 games and the team that finishes 3rd will have 1000 users who will receive the top game in their wishlist.

So please, arrange your wishlist accordingly because you may or may not get a game gifted to you.

And that’s about it. Enjoy the Steam Summer Sale and make sure to arrange your wishlist.

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