How to Rank Up Quickly in Call of Duty Mobile?!

Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the more popular games on the Play Store. Many players have been playing this game from the day it launched. This means new players can sometimes have a hard time ranking up in this game. If you’re having trouble leveling up in this game now, this guide will help you rank up quickly.

Complete Missions

The game constantly throws new challenges at the player in the form of daily missions and seasonal challenges. These challenges tell the player to get kills with different weapons. You should try completing these as not only will they reward you with new skins and items, but it will also force you to use weapons that you might not have used otherwise. By doing this, you will learn to switch up your gameplay and get better at the game. Which in turn, will help you rank up faster.

Play With Friends

To gain more xp, you need to win matches. This is harder to do when you can’t coordinate with your team. To coordinate with your team, communication is key. You need to think of how you will face the enemy teams and which team member will use which weapon. All this is harder to do when playing with randoms, so it’s best to play with friends. Not only is the game more fun when played with friends, but you can also communicate with them more easily.

Different Loadouts for Different Situations

Sometimes newer players get used to playing with a certain loadout and stick to it all the time. While this might work for you in some matches, it’s always safer to have multiple loadouts so that you are ready for different situations. Obviously some guns in the game are better than some others and every player has their own playstyle. But all guns can’t be used in all situations. So keep a loadout for running and gunning, one for mid range combat and one for sniping people at longer ranges.

Try Different Game Modes

Call of Duty: Mobile has a lot of game modes. Some of them focus on individual skills like Free-for-All or Team Deathmatch. But there are other game modes like Kill Confirmed or Capture the Flag that give emphasis on team play. If you’re not good at getting kills, then you can play the objective to gain xp. This won’t help you improve your gameplay, but this is an easier way to get xp to unlock weapons and armour.

Play Regularly

This last tip is an obvious one but it’s obvious for a reason – because it works. Playing regularly will get you accustomed to all the maps in the game which will definitely give you an advantage over players who don’t. Many players who are at higher ranks play regularly, and this game usually has shorter, fast paced matches. So you can play them in your free time.

So these were a few tips that will help you rank up quicker in Call of Duty: Mobile. Stay tuned for more guides and updates on Call of Duty: Mobile. If you’re interested in reading more such articles, check out the links below.

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