How to use shotguns effectively in Free Fire

When in short range use the 12 gauge is a saying that I just made up but it doesn’t make it any less important. This is because shotguns are the most effective weapons when it comes to close quarters or indoor fights in Garena Free Fire. One or two rounds of a shotgun shell are enough to take out even the most heavily armoured players. But these weapons are high risk high reward weapons because if you miss even one or two shots it’s quite likely that the enemy will kill you. 

In this guide I’ll walk you through on how to use shotguns effectively in Free Fire:

Sensitivity: This is personal preference but you may wanna have a sensitivity which feels the most precise for you and not the one which lets you just flick faster at the cost of being inaccurate. The shotgun is afterall a weapon which requires you to hit your shots. If you have a very high sensitivity, you can try lowering it to check whether it helps you in being more accurate.

Level your sight: In order to deliver maximum damage you need to headshot your opponent. Thankfully, with the shotguns it is easier to do it due to close range. Keep your sight leveled on the chest while but as soon as you’re about to shoot, flick it up and it’ll be an easy headshot.

Quick weapon switch: Always remember to switch on quick weapon switch in Settings>Control as this will allow you to switch over to your other weapon in case you run out of bullets or the shotgun becomes infeasible due to range. Switching to another weapon is much quicker than reloading your current one. 

Smart Reload: Try to keep your weapons reloaded beforehand just in case you need to make a switch. Also you can reload a single bullet and then shoot as shotguns provide this capability so be sure to use that in dicey situations.

Cover: Try peeking from doors if you know an enemy is in the room and shoot a single shot and then go behind cover again. Keep doing this till you kill the enemy. It’s one of the most effective techniques used in almost every fps game to prevent you from being an easy target while also being unpredictable.

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