HyperX FURY Ultra – RGB Gaming Mouse Pad Review

The HyperX Fury Ultra is a Gaming Mouse with RGB. Why? Well because RGB is kinda neat(at least to me, your opinion might differ) and having an RGB mouse pad helps complete any type of look or aesthetic you’re going for. So, let’s take a look at this mouse pad and see what it has to offer.


Light effectsPer-LED RGB lighting
Cable typeBraided
DimensionsWidth: 359.4mm
Length: 299.4mm
Cable length: 1.8m

The main function of a mousepad is to provide a surface so that you can properly use your mouse. This includes proper friction and the ability to control the mouse perfectly when playing games. The Fury Ultra has a Plastic surface. I’ve used a lot of mouse pads and they’ve all been cloth pads because they’re just so much better when it comes to the feel and control of it. But I figured that a plastic one would also be fine until I actually put the mouse on it and instantly felt a disconnect.

Using the mouse on this mousepad felt like using it on any regular plastic table or wooden surface. There was no real grip so your mouse can very easily glide across the surface. There was a real lack of friction. So if you’re someone who likes to glide their mouse and doesn’t want friction then this is great for you. It also feels very plastic and not premium at all. I thought maybe it was just me and my experience with cloth pads but after a lot of struggling, I couldn’t really use my mouse properly or comfortable on this. So I decided to have some of the other folks in our office try it out and give their feedback and they said the exact same thing.

Now if you’re fine with the plastic surface and are more comfortable with it, this will be a huge plus point for you but for the majority of people, this would be a big con.

Moving onto one of it’s selling points, the RGB. This was also somewhat disappointing. The lighting for this isn’t on the edges of the mouse pad, instead its somewhat underneath the outer border. This means that you can’t really see it quite well in proper lighting. When we first plugged in the device to power up the RGB, our reaction was “Wait, that’s it?” because we could barely see it properly. In the darkness, it was a bit better though.

There’s also a spot on the top of the mousepad that also illuminates that probably houses some of the electrical components of the device which looks like a small roof of sorts. This could potentially also trip your wire a bit when moving quickly since it is in the centre so do keep that in mind. The bottom is rubberized so we never really faced problems with the mousepad moving too much while using it. The cable that comes with it is braided so that’s also good as it means better longevity.

All in all, this product was a bit of a let down for me. The hard surface mixed with the somewhat sparse lighting meant that the two main selling points of this mousepad were both not good enough. If you’re a fan of hard surface mouse pads then maybe you’ll enjoy this but then again, the RGB isn’t that great on this and something like the Firefly V2 does a better job at that.

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