Intel 10th Gen CPUs are Coming Sooner than Expected

Intel’s 10th Generation line-up has been talked about a lot recently. We’ve had various rumours and leaks about it but now we finally have something substantial.

Eurasian Economic Commission listing (via PCGamesN)tells us that the Development  Kits for the 10th generation CPUs are going for qualification. The DT prefix in this refers to the fact that it is a desktop processor and the “(Qual)” points out that it is up for qualification.

Also, it quite clearly says “Comet Lake-S 10 + 2” so there’s no mistaking that it’s any other CPU. We can expect the i9-10900K to be the 10 core CPU while the whole lineup is also another 14nm refresh. AMD’s Ryzen 3000 series of CPUs may have pushed Intel to release their 10th Gen CPUs a bit earlier since they’re facing stiff competition from AMD.

We were expecting this sometime in late 2020 but this listing could mean that we might even get to see it this year.

Source: ECC Listing

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