Intel 10th Generation Comet Lake CPU Lineup Leaked?

Intel’s 10th Gen Comet Lake CPUs are still under wraps and we haven’t heard much about them but thanks to a leak by someone claiming to be an insider, we might get a first look at all the 10th Gen SKUs and what they plan on offering. As with any rumour or leak take this with a grain of salt.

First things first, these CPUs are using a new socket as with most Intel refreshes. This time it’s the LGA 1159 socket and it allows them to support memory speeds faster than 2666Mhz. So, let’s start off with the very interesting i3 line-up here which looks to change things up. All the i3s mentioned in the image are 4 core 8 thread which means, hyper-threading is back not only on the midrange CPUs but is surprisingly also on the lower end.  These i3 CPUs support a maximum of Dual Channel 2933Mhz DDR4 and they start at $129 with the highest i3 coming in at $179 which is where the i5 line-up also starts.

The i5 CPUs seem to really bring in the competition for the Ryzen 5 series with 6 cores and 12 threads on all the i5s. However, overclocking seems to be limited to the i5-10600K which is the most expensive i5 at $269. The i5s also support higher memory speeds of Dual Channel 3200Mhz.

Moving on to the higher-end of the spectrum and we have the i7 10700 and the 10700K which cost $339 and $389 respectively. These 8 core and 16 thread CPUs also support 3200Mhz RAM and the unlocked 10700K can go up to 4.8Ghz on all cores.

And then at the top end, we have the i9 series. These beasts start at $409 with the i9-10800F and go up to $499 with the i9-10900KF. These 10 core 20 thread CPUs can all hit 5Ghz+ on a single core while for all cores the max boost clock speed is 4.6Ghz. However, we can assume that overclockers can get it 5Ghz with good to decent cooling.

One thing to keep in mind here is that these are all listed as 14nm+++. Now, those are a lot of pluses and shows that Intel still hasn’t moved to a smaller chipset or are confident that they can take on AMD with this line-up.

Another thing is that they’ve kept their prices quite competitive. Given that this leaks point to Intel bringing Hyper-threading to all their Core i-series CPUs, they could potentially beat AMD’s Ryzen 3000 series CPUs at both single-core and even multi-core performance at a similar price point. 

It is disappointing that these CPUs are still on the 14nm architecture but if these leaks do turn out to be true, it will really make the CPU market even more competitive. This leak hasn’t been confirmed yet so again, we’ll advise you to take all this with a grain of salt.

Source: Twitter User Sohachi

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