Intel 10th Generation Ice Lake CPUs Released for Laptops

Intel’s 10th Generation Ice Lake CPUs are finally here. They’ve finally made the move to 10nm and changed up the naming schemes a bit.

The 10th Generation laptop line-up is classified into two different categories. The Y-Series and the U-Series.

The Y-Series seems geared more towards laptops that will have low power-requirements but still have decent performance. The i3 starts at 2 cores 4 threads with a 9W TDP and goes up to 4 cores and 8 threads with a 12W TDP.

The U-Series is a bit more power-hungry as these start at 15W TDP and goes up to 28W. The core and thread remain the same with the i3 on 2c/4t and the i5 and above on 4c/8t. The power requirements have gone up because they’re clocked higher as the high-end i7-1068G7 boosts to 3.6Ghz on all cores.

if you’re confused by the naming scheme then Intel has released a handy breakdown of what each number represents. The i7 stands for the series, the first two digits are the represent the Generation, while the latter two represent the SKU. The final two alphanumeric digits “G7” stand for the level of the graphics processor that comes with the CPU.

It’s taken Intel over 3 years to finally make the move from 14nm so it’s good to see that they’ve done that. While the naming scheme will take a bit to get used to, we’re curious to see how benchmarks for these CPUs compare to the previous-gen CPUs.

With 10nm chips and with better graphics processors we assume that these will be quite good for light-weight laptops that aim for efficiency and good performance.

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