Intel Confirms Xe Graphics Cards Launch In 2020

In an investor meeting, Intel has confirmed that their Xe range of graphics cards is well on the way and can be expected to release in 2020. They released a new roadmap, which lists out the plans going forward. In the same investor meeting, Intel also announced their upcoming 10nm Tiger Lake processors, which will be available in 2020 as well.

The slides show that the consumer grade Intel Xe GPUs will be based on the 10nm process, and not 7nm as speculated earlier. While the Gen 11 integrated graphics will be released in 2019, the Xe dedicated graphics cards will be available next year onwards.

Intel also confirmed that their datacenter graphics will be the first ones on the 7nm process, using their newly revealed 3D stacking Foveros technology. These should be available by 2021. This could mean that 2nd gen Intel Xe graphics cards for mainstream consumers could be made using 7nm. The Aurora Exascale supercomputer will be the first device to be graced with the 7nm Xe graphics.

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