Intel i9-9900KS Faster than Ryzen 3800X in New Geekbench Leak

Intel’s leaks never seem to stop these days. Intel’s previously announced i9-9900KS has had its Geekbench score leaked in which it goes against the Ryzen 3800X.

The special i9-9900KS is a chip that’s clocked higher than the regular i9-9900K and has a base clock of 4Ghz with a boost clock of 5Ghz on all cores. This supposed “Ryzen Killer” failed to “Kill” it in the previous benchmark.

Like most Intel CPUs, this one outperforms the Ryzen 3800X in single-core performance. You would also expect this speed demon to outperform the Ryzen chip in multi-core performance but it fell short.

As seen from the old graph, it scored 6,129 in single-core, handily outperforming the Ryzen’s 5,783 score. In multi-core, it scored a disappointing 34,003 while the Ryzen outperformed it with 36,748.

However, the OP has since updated the tweet and this benchmark seems to show a result that we actually expected. The i9-9900KS outperforms the Ryzen 3800X in both single-core and multi-core tests, unlike the previous result.

This time, it scored 6,450 in Single-core performance as compared to the Ryzen’s 5,919. In multi-core, the Intel chip goes up from a score 34,003 to 38,301 which beats the Ryzen’s 36,933.

The change in scores can be attributed to the change in RAM speeds. In the first test, the Intel system is running on 2100Mhz RAM while the Ryzen System is running on 3400Mhz. In the second test, the RAM in both systems is set to 3200Mhz which gives a much fairer comparison.

The i9-9900KS is set to launch in Q4 2019 so there’s still time for Intel to iron out the issues and improve performance. Plus, while Geekbench is a decent Benchmark software for CPUs, it’s not very accurate of gaming performance. It’s also pretty close in performance to the 3800X in these benchmarks so we can safely assume that in terms of gaming, it will outperform the 3900X as well since the regular i9-9900K already does that.


Old Geekbench Link

New Geekbench Link

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