Intel Rumoured to Cut CPU Prices by up to 15% Thanks to 3rd Gen Ryzen

If you’re someone who is looking to upgrade their CPU or get a new one, July might be a good time do so. Especially since there are a lot of rumours floating around about Intel slashing prices for their current line-up of CPUs thanks to the upcoming launch of the AMD 3rd Gen Ryzen CPUs.

As reported by DigiTimes, “[Intel] has already notified its downstream PC and motherboard partners, according to sources from motherboard players.” This is an interesting move thanks to the pressure put on by AMD with their Zen 2 line-up that seems to be going toe-to-toe or outperforming their Intel counterparts and even CPUs that are a bit above their level, especially in the Multicore benchmarks that have leaked.

Ryzen 3800 X SC Score: 5406 | Intel 9900K SC Score: 5211

While AMD has started using 7nm chips, Intel is still transitioning to 10nm and 7nm but have CPUs that outperform the Ryzen CPUs thanks to much higher IPC and Clock Speeds as compared to Ryzen which gives them an edge in Single-Core scenarios. However, the current leaks show that 7nm Ryzen is catching up to Intel which has maybe shaken Intel a little.

Intel also struggled in the past to produce its 14nm chipsets in the past which caused shortage problems. Intel may seem to be on the back foot for now but that won’t be the case for long because they’ve been in this game long enough and probably have something up their sleeve, ready to hit back at AMD.

While these two companies battle it out, it’s a great time to be a PC Enthusiast. RAM prices have dropped, CPU prices are most probably going to drop with the launch of 3rd Gen Ryzen and the GPU market might heat up soon thanks to AMD’s Navi lineup that we’re all waiting for with bated breath.

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