Intel’s 10nm Ice Lake CPUs Coming Later This Year

After an incredibly long wait, it seems like we may finally get to see Intel’s 10nm Ice Lake processors this year.

In its Q1 earnings call, Intel confirmed that the 10nm CPUs are well in development and will be revealed sometime this year for laptops. The production was started in Q1, but the notebook chips will start shipping by Q3 and should be available in stores by the end of 2019. The first one is expected to be an updated Dell XPS laptop.

The Ice Lake CPUs will use Intel’s 10nm Sunny Cove architecture, which was first announced back in 2015. Since then, Intel has faced a lot of problems which led to rumours that the company might just cancel the 10nm production entirely, but this news should finally put those rumours to rest.

These processors are expected to come with a huge performance bump. Intel has confirmed that these will be the first chips to have Gen11 integrated graphics. Apart from that, they will also have built-in Thunderbolt and WiFi 6 support.

Recently, Intel revealed its line-up of 9th gen processors for laptops, including the 8 core/16 thread, unlocked Core i9-9980HK that boosts up to a whopping 5 GHz. The line-up ranges all the way from Core i5 processors to i9, and are available in the latest laptops from all major partners, with graphics options ranging from GTX 1650 to the RTX 2080 MaxQ.

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