Intel’s CPU Prices have Dropped

The rumour we reported earlier last week has turned out to be true as Intel has dropped prices of all their mainstream CPUs making them a very lucrative purchase at the new price point.

i9-9900K | 40,300

The i9-9900K now costs Rs 40,300 and is now cheaper than the new Ryzen 9 3900X. While the 3900X has better multicore performance, the i9-9900K is still the king when it comes to gaming and a great buy.

i7-9700K | ₹30,400

The i7-9700K has come down to Rs 30,400 which makes it cheaper than the Ryzen 7 3800X and about as much as the Ryzen 7 3700X. In this price-point with its OC ability, it is also great if your main is just gaming.

i5-9600K | 20,100

The i5-9600K has seen a drop to Rs 20,100 which is very slightly cheaper than the Ryzen 5 3600X.  While the 3600X is an absolute steal, if you don’t need to stream or run multi-thread dependant software, the 9600K will serve you well for gaming.

i5-9400 | ₹17,000

The i5-9400 is now available for Rs 17,000 which is the same as the Ryzen 5 3600. The 3600 does seem like a better choice at this price point but if you wanted to get this CPU for some reason, it’s now cheaper.

i5-9400F | 12,575

One of the newer releases from Intel that is part of a lot of budget builds, the i5-9400F has gotten cheaper and is now available at just Rs 12,575. This brings it at around the same price as the Ryzen 3 3400G which comes with an integrated GPU.

i3- 9100F | ₹7,450

The i3-9100F is now available for Rs 7,450 which is cheaper than the Ryzen 3 3200G however, the i3 CPU lacks an internal GPU.

These are the new prices for the 9th gen CPUs which have made some of the Intel CPUs like the i9-9900K a viable choice at that price point now and with the current price, it gives good competition to AMD.

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